Monday, 21 May 2012

Meeting Rob Da Bank

Yesterday the Lock Tavern in Camden hosted an event for Dj Derek's 70th Birthday. Joining Derek was a number of dj's, including Bestival's creator Rob Da Bank. I have been to Bestival twice and will be attending the festival again this year and can say that it truly is an incredible festival. It's clear how much thought and imagination goes into making Bestival what it is, so I felt obliged to express my love and excitement to Rob Da Bank. He was so genuine and down to earth and took the time to have a quick chat with my friends and I about Bestival. We were all over the moon. 
The event held at the Lock Tavern was intimate and friendly with a lively atmosphere. Dj Derek dropped dub and reggae beats, whilst dressed in his little waistcoat drinking a pint of Guinness... not a bad life for a 70-year-old. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Lusting After Legwear

In the last few weeks I have been on a hunt for a light pair of trousers for the cool summer evenings that are just round corner. I have managed to narrow my search down to three, lovely contestants. The trousers I have carefully selected have many similarities, one of which being that they're all made from 100% silk, which makes them very special. The combination of the shape and fabric of all three of the trousers creates a sports luxe feel that I'm very fond of. The first pair of trousers are by Topshop Boutique, for £60. Although £60 seems a little pricey for something so plain, I feel the quality makes spending extra acceptable, plus I would be able to mix and match them with a variety of tops. The second pair from Topshop (which is my current favourite), just looks like they were made for summer nights. These little beauties are £75 but I am falling in love fast with the soft colour palette and silky texture. Lastly, in a bold, black and white paisley pattern there trousers also by Topshop Boutique for £80. These would be a statement piece in my wardrobe and don't forget paisley is so in right now.  I know for some paying £60-£80 for one pair of trousers may seem slightly extravagant to some, but I think if you're paying for quality (and something you really love) it's worth every penny. Now to make my decision...

The Del Rey

It seemed to me like Miss Lana Del Rey popped up out of nowhere and with her hit Video Games and became an instant sensation. Her face was plastered on the pages and covers of numerous magazines as her music topped the charts with her soulful voice and emotional lyrics. With her Hollywood glamour style made up of feminine silhouettes she has also become quite the fashion icon. And now, taking the place of the previous 'It' girl Alexa Chung, Del Rey has had the honour of having a Mulberry bag named after her. Inspired by her nostalgic references, the Del Rey bag has a simple structure whilst oozing a vintage and traditional feel. Personally, I wouldn't invest in the Del Rey Mulberry, however I can see it's timeless appeal and nod to the heritage of the brand that will make it very popular indeed. It seems like at the moment Lana Del Rey has it all and I bet she's loving every minute of it.

It's the Queens Jubilee

Jubilee Celebration Tea Towels

If like me, you were a fan of Henry Holland's infamous slogan tee's then you're in luck. The Brit designer has added a touch of his quirky flavour to a tea towel in honour of her royal highness's upcoming jubilee. The slogan, 'I'm so excited I could wee it's the Queen's jubilee', is printed on the tea towel in a traditional Union Jack pattern. Distinctively designed by Holland, he has brightened up a kitchen necessity.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Bark Jewellery

Bark is a beautifully intricate brand of jewellery, created by Miwako Yoshioka. Each collection posses a nostalgic characteristic which defines Bark's quality. Yoshioka's inspirations are drawn from her childhood memories which is reflected through her darling designs. Each and every piece is delicately hand made to perfection in her London workshop, increasing the speciality of her jewellery. I have featured my favourite items above, a tiny ship in a bottle attached to a gold chain necklace and an engraved heart shape ring. Bark is available to buy from a number of stockists including Paul Smith, Urban Outfitters and Mitsukosh London. 

Film Review: Candy

Last night I watched Candy, directed by Neil Armfield, after being told about it by a friend. The film is based on the novel by Luke Davies and stars Heath Ledger, a poet who falls in love with an art student named Candy, played by Abbie Cornish. There love is glued by the substance of heroin, which forms a platform for despair and desperation. The film portrays both their addiction to love and the drug realistically and as the viewer you become hooked on their highs and lows throughout the feature. Performances by Ledger and Cornish gave a naturalistic insight into the journey of desire and obsessions concerning drug addiction. Overall the film had a very personal feel to it and was an intoxicating watch. I will definitely be recommending Candy to others.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mimi Holliday

Mimi Holliday is a luxurious underwear label, where the finest silks, satins and French silk chiffons are sourced to create the delicate and intimate pieces. Details such as big bows and an overdose of lace create a seductive but playful feel about the underwear. The sizing ranges from a 28A to a 40E making the label suitable for almost any shape and form. The collections are sweetly themed and each range of underwear has its own name; the latest collection was named after cocktails, with ranges called Mojito, Pina Colda and Whisky Sour to name a few. I have purchased from Mimi Holliday in the past and can safely say the quality, fit and comfort of the products are of a high standard and although they seem a little pricey they're well worth every penny. Mimi Holliday is certainly a label to indulge in for intricate, beautiful lingerie.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


A staple fashion item from my childhood wardrobe, amongst Princess dresses and dungarees has to be jelly shoes. I distinctly remember a little glittery, orange pair. Although there is a lack of glitter this time round, jelly shoes seem to be making a come back this summer for a slightly older audience. These JuJu jelly shoes that I love, are available from Urban Outfitters for an affordable £24. They come in an array of colours including yellow, purple, white and my two favourites pastel pink and black. I can imagine pairing these with white ankle socks and short denim dungarees as part of my summer wardrobe.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Street Fest 2012


For my Broadcast unit at University, my group and I decided to head down to Street Fest in Shoreditch and interview a number of people about East London and whether it's still up and coming of dying out. Street Fest was located in Hearn Street car park off Curtain Road. The event was home to a number of creatives who showcased their work, including graffiti artists, rappers, break dancers, djs, skateboarders, and more. 
Street Fest brought together an electric mix of people from all over London to enjoy the urban event. Personal high points from the day included Lady Lykez, rapping, 'I Love My Butt', and an energetic set from Work It dj's, who delivered a mix of old skool hip-hop classics, dub and drum and bass, that got the crow. 
We managed to interview a number of people who took part in Street Fest, whether they were performers, members of the public or people promoting their own brands and designs. Everyone we interviewed was more than happy to give their opinions on the event itself and East London. 
 Street Fest proved to be an exciting one of a kind event, that I would happily attend in the future.

Jewellery Lust

I have never been one to splurge on jewellery because of my tendency to break, spill, smash and loose anything I touch. Luckily for me, my clumsy nature is beginning to wear out so I have begun eyeing up some treasures. Modelled on Vivienne Westwood herself in the Royalty issue of i-D (which I have blogged about before), is a gold skeleton necklace. The skeleton is hung by it's tiny hands to a thin gold chain which falls delicately above her chest. I love the skeleton figure, especially for it's anatomical joints which allow the arms and legs to move separately from the body. The necklace is also available in a longer length, as well as in silver.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Interview with Karley Sciortino

My most recent piece of University work, an interview with Karley Sciortino...

Karley Sciortino is the kind of girl you want to be friends with. This is for a number of reasons; to hear all the gritty details of her insane time as a squatter, be part of her New York City lifestyle as a freelance journalist, or to meet her wonderfully weird Internet friends. On the surface, Sciortino is an established writer, contributing to magazines including Vice, Purple, V and regularly to Dazed and Confused. What gives Sciortino an edge is her blog, Slutever, where she explores every aspect of sex, in a truly frank manner. The obscene circumstances recorded on Slutever are enough to make anyone envy her eccentric and erotic choice of lifestyle, and wish that you had the guts to live her way. Her blog soon began notorious, as her dirty little sex secrets spread and became an online sensation. The 26-year-old, curvaceous blonde is currently living in an apartment in New York, a little different from her old home, ‘Squallyoaks’, a squat in South London, where drug fuelled parties and masturbation rituals were the everyday norm.
Back in 2005, Sciortino was your average 19-year-old all American girl, who moved from a small town an hour north of New York, to London as an exchange student. After a stint at University, she realised that the life of astudent was not for her. She dropped out after six short months but loved the insanity of London so she decided to stay and that’s when she began living her bizarre lifestyle. Alone and homeless, Matthew Stone, an artist and friend of Sciortino came to the rescue and introduced her to the hedonistic lifestyle she fell head over heels in love with. “At the time Matthew Stone was squatting in this gigantic abandoned shopping complex thing in South London with a group of about ten people. The building was insane; it had a gym, a church, and a nightclub in it. I would go over to visit and be totally overwhelmed.
Entranced by the young squatters way of living, there was no turning back for Sciortino anytime soon: “The way they lived was so weird and exciting to me.” Sciortino didn’t have much money and couldn’t afford to pay rent, so Matthew offered her a place in their squat, an offer she couldn’t resist. “I knew it was an environment I wanted to be in. I guess I was aware that what I was doing was weird, but I was more excited about it than scared.” Stone had moved on from the shopping complex to an abandoned lift factory in South London with 10 other people when Sciortino moved into her first squat, nicknamed “Squallyoaks.”
Even though her bedroom was a factory stairwell platform, Sciortino felt at home. “Squatting creates a sense of community that doesn’t always exist in normal houses, because there’s this sense of ‘we’re in this together,’” she explains. Sciortino was warmly welcomed into the squatting family and fitted in perfectly, however not anyone could move into their humble abode: “Whenever someone new wanted to move into the squat, all of the housemates would get together and vote on whether they should live with us or not. It was very democratic.”
Leading such an unusual lifestyle, it’s only natural to want to document in some shape or form so in 2007, Slutever was born. Updated regularly by Sciortino from her squat, Slutever was her blog that was similar to a secret diary, letting the outside world become involved in her extreme way of living. At the beginning Slutever was only read by the people she was living with but as Sciortino started contributing online to Vice and Purple, she would leave links to her blog, which attracted many readers who took pleasure indulging in her tales.
Living in this environment, Sciortino was never short of stories to tell: “It was the sort of house where it wasn’t out of the ordinary to come home to a living room full of naked people on DMT having ritualistic sex, or a homeless Romanian family baking bread in the kitchen.” Sciortino and her squat mates decided that the legendary “Squallyoaks” deserved to become a state in its own right, where ecstasy pills and condoms would be the currency. There’s no exaggeration Sciortino was living her dream.
If she can make any sort of comparison to squatting at all, Sciortino can relate it to living in student housing. “It was a bit mad and full of young people with a lot of free time who make too much mess and have too many parties.” Of course, it was a lot more out of control than a student house: “There were no set ‘rules,’ for example; you can’t destroy anything. There tended to be a lot of destruction at parties,” she remembers fondly.
Life in London came to an end when Sciortino’s visa ran out and she was deported back to the United States. A drastic change in lifestyle took place, as she exchanged squatting for living in her first rent-paying apartment in New York. A new city meant a new angle for Slutever, and Sciortino shifted the focus of her blog from her online diary to an investigation of sexual behaviour. “I’ve grown up a bit, become less ketamine-centric, and started to focus on interviewing other people about their sex lives and fetishes.”
Sciortino has interviewed anyone and everyone about their sex life on Slutever, from adult babies to prostitutes, to the handicapped to those turned on by masochism. “My goal is to create a place where myself and others can talk about sex, our sexual desires, experiences and fantasies, very openly and honestly, and in turn help ourselves and others to better understand our sexualities,” she explains. Sciortino has become involved in discovering the widest spectrum of sexual eccentricities that have included hiring a slave, peeing on strangers and shadowing a dominatrix.
Recently Sciortino has moved from behind the screen to in front of it, by writing and starring in short films for Purple and Vice. While the videos for Purple are more aesthetic and scripted, her short series created for Vice, is like a satirical take on Sex and the City. Named after her blog, the series is a visual version of Slutever. Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, Sciortino isn’t looking for love, but answers to her questions about polygamy, oral sex and being a being dominated in the bedroom. One film followed Sciortino to London to meet Sissy Sarah, a 54-year-old male cross dresser, who took great pleasure in drinking her urine. “It’s admirable that people are brave enough to admit their true sexual desires, rather than continuing to suppress it. I’m sure many of us can relate to the desire of wanting to consume someone’s bodily fluids.”
Sciortino’s genuine interest in exploring sexual behaviour comes from the ideology of being able to create an open dialogue about the subject. She features the most extraordinary sexual experiences out there on Slutever, but with her candid approach she manages to highlight just how normal it all is. Slutever has come a long way since 2007 and Sciortino intends to continue delving into the world of unheard of desires and peculiar pleasures. “Sex is really weird and complicated, and deep down, we’re all equally disgusting. We might as well embrace it.”