Friday, 18 May 2012

Lusting After Legwear

In the last few weeks I have been on a hunt for a light pair of trousers for the cool summer evenings that are just round corner. I have managed to narrow my search down to three, lovely contestants. The trousers I have carefully selected have many similarities, one of which being that they're all made from 100% silk, which makes them very special. The combination of the shape and fabric of all three of the trousers creates a sports luxe feel that I'm very fond of. The first pair of trousers are by Topshop Boutique, for £60. Although £60 seems a little pricey for something so plain, I feel the quality makes spending extra acceptable, plus I would be able to mix and match them with a variety of tops. The second pair from Topshop (which is my current favourite), just looks like they were made for summer nights. These little beauties are £75 but I am falling in love fast with the soft colour palette and silky texture. Lastly, in a bold, black and white paisley pattern there trousers also by Topshop Boutique for £80. These would be a statement piece in my wardrobe and don't forget paisley is so in right now.  I know for some paying £60-£80 for one pair of trousers may seem slightly extravagant to some, but I think if you're paying for quality (and something you really love) it's worth every penny. Now to make my decision...

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