Monday, 14 May 2012

Film Review: Candy

Last night I watched Candy, directed by Neil Armfield, after being told about it by a friend. The film is based on the novel by Luke Davies and stars Heath Ledger, a poet who falls in love with an art student named Candy, played by Abbie Cornish. There love is glued by the substance of heroin, which forms a platform for despair and desperation. The film portrays both their addiction to love and the drug realistically and as the viewer you become hooked on their highs and lows throughout the feature. Performances by Ledger and Cornish gave a naturalistic insight into the journey of desire and obsessions concerning drug addiction. Overall the film had a very personal feel to it and was an intoxicating watch. I will definitely be recommending Candy to others.

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  1. I love this film - I feel like no where near enough people know about it or how good it is. Good to know there's another Candy fan out there xx