Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mimi Holliday

Mimi Holliday is a luxurious underwear label, where the finest silks, satins and French silk chiffons are sourced to create the delicate and intimate pieces. Details such as big bows and an overdose of lace create a seductive but playful feel about the underwear. The sizing ranges from a 28A to a 40E making the label suitable for almost any shape and form. The collections are sweetly themed and each range of underwear has its own name; the latest collection was named after cocktails, with ranges called Mojito, Pina Colda and Whisky Sour to name a few. I have purchased from Mimi Holliday in the past and can safely say the quality, fit and comfort of the products are of a high standard and although they seem a little pricey they're well worth every penny. Mimi Holliday is certainly a label to indulge in for intricate, beautiful lingerie.

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