Friday, 8 June 2012

Assisting Nicole Freeman - The Dreaded Returns

The dreaded returns weren't actually that dreadful. Arriving promptly at Nicole's flat in Hackney at 11 to collect the heavy suitcase of clothes, I headed off round London handing back borrowed clothes to designer offices and PR companies. Despite the rain and the painfully heavy case, I was quick with returning and was back at Nicole's flat for round 2 of returns by 2pm, the target time I had set myself earlier on. Round 2 wasn't bad either, except this time round I was worn out from round 1 and my feet were absolutely killing me. Despite the pain, I soldiered on and had returned every item on my list my 4.45pm. Not bad. 
Nicole thanked me genuinely for my 'hard work' at the end of the day. Working with Nicole Freeman had been hard work but enjoyable at the same time and has made me long for the days when I have my own assistant to run around London for me... 

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