Monday, 4 June 2012

Assisting Nicole Freeman- Day 2

My favourite item from the shoot by Ashish
Day 2 meant the day of the photo shoot for Surface magazine. My alarm went off bright and early at 7am, the earliest I had woken up in a long time. I managed to nab a lift to Chance Street in East London off my Dad who's a black cab driver. Once I arrived at Chance Street Studio, I unloaded Nicole's suitcases from her taxi up to the dressing room and started unpacking and hanging up the clothes. 
An array of clothes fit for the sport luxe theme of the photo shoot filled the rails. Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchhoff, Prada, and Ashish to name a few, were amongst the designer labels. Shortly after, two tall leggy models arrived at the studios, one blonde one brunette, who I had the privilege of dressing all day - because of course they can't dress themselves. My short 5'3 self, meant my eyes were at the models nipple level I had to stand on tip toes in order to zip up dresses to the top. 
Apart from dressing the models, my day was spent on the set of the shoot, watching the photographer at work, steaming clothes, packing the clothes back up and generally assisting Nicole on the styling decisions. At lunch time delicious take away pizza's were delivered to the studio, one of the days perks.
10 outfit changes later and the shoot was over. The atmosphere was much more laid back than I imagined and I got a real taste of what being a stylist was like. Nicole was lovely to assist for and I loved the whole experience of being on a fashion shoot. My week's work of assisting Nicole Freeman is nearly over, all that's left is the dreaded returns...

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