Sunday, 22 July 2012

Returning to Dazed

Snoop Dogg - Dazed & Confused Magazine Cover [United States] (1 August 2012)
After mopping about this summer, moaning about having nothing to do, I decided to get back in touch with Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, deputy fashion editor at Dazed and Confused. 

I managed to bag myself an internship at the style magazine last December. It included hard work, heavy suitcases and long hours but I was working at one of my favourite publications so I won't complain. I emailed Elizabeth the other day to ask if I could return to the Dazed fashion department. 

Knowing how many interns come and go at the magazine I was worried that I might not be remembered but thankfully I got a warm reply, welcoming me back to work at Dazed. I will be returning in August and can't wait to be heading back to the Dazed and Confused office.

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