Monday, 25 June 2012


I injected a hit of nostalgia into my wardrobe when I purchased a new pair of dungarees last week. I have always lusted after the perfect pair of dungarees. Playful and childlike, they remind me of the good old days, when  I was able to run around getting grass stained knees in the summer. However, unlike my childhood, I wont be using my dunga's as overalls to protect myself from the dangers of my back garden. 
The hunt for the perfect pair began early this year. London's cool kids nabbed vintage one's from the likes of Beyond Retro and Rokit. But alas, my tiny 5'3 self found it hard to track down a pair that would fit me without looking like I drowning under a sea of denim. 
So I turned to the high street. Trusty Topshop let me down and Urban Outfitters only had dungaree skirts and I was after shorts. 
I finally found the perfect pair in American Apparel. I ended up paying £76 - a little on the pricey side I agree - but I know I will where these babies constantly throughout summer. The baggy fit adds a tomboy charm and my new dungaree's are both pretty and practical! All I need now is my jelly shoes, vintage ray bans and Hawaiian shirt and I'm ready for summer.

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