Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ray Ban Classics

This week I inherited an old pair of Ray Bans. They were bought for a present for my Mum by my Dad, 20 odd years ago. I love the classic round shape of the sunglasses which are framed by a slim tortoise shell pattern. Still in their original case, the glasses have been cared for well for the past 20 years, without a single scratch in sight they're in tip top condition.

During my weekly online window shopping session I spotted something very familiar on the Urban Outfitters website. A pair of round, Ray Ban sunglasses, costing £120 (below). It seems that the style of the sunglasses that were handed down to me may be finding its way back in fashion. The main difference between the two pairs is the colour of the frame; the ones on the UO page were a simple gold tone, compared to my tortoise shell ones, which I prefer. I'm looking forward to the coming summer days when I can where my new hand me downs. 


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