Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's 2012!

Happy New Year!

I always like to look back at my favourite past times of the previous year at the beginning of every New Year...
This year I had to learn to look after myself as I grew up, finished sixth form, passed my A Levels, moved out and started at University. Before Uni started I had the summer to spend with everyone else from school before they all moved around the country to their Unis too. I went on my first boyfriend-girlfriend holiday with Ben to Greece, then to Marbs in Spain with my family. Weeks away in the sun was shortly followed by a wet weekend at Reading festival with the lads and then a glitter filled weekend at Bestival with Char.
I then moved out of home and into a 7 bedroomed house in Epsom with complaining neighbours and 6 other students starting their first year, just like me. And then came freshers. Many nights that involved dressing up, geek glasses, pre drink parties and running home bare foot, stealing road work signs when the night had come to an end.
After freshers the real work at Uni began but not without a break before Christmas with a weekend away to Amsterdam... A weekend spent walking around the city incredibly high, taking in the lovely sights around me. It reached the date of the 26th November while I was away in Dam, which meant me and Ben had spent a whole year together too.
I spent a few more weeks back at Uni decorating for Christmas with fairy lights and Hello Kitty candy canes, before packing my case and returning home for Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent in the pub with my friends, which meant Christmas morning was spent drinking off my hangover with Champagne and smoked salmon on toast. The rest of the day was spent drinking some more and playing twister and opening lovely presents.
New Years Eve is always one not to forget but hard to remember and this year was no exception. A house party round a friends with everyone highly intoxicated was just the (crazy) way start to the New Year.

Bring on 2012!

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